Alamo City Dog Guard  Serving the greater San Antonio and Austin, TX areas.

Why Alamo City Dog Guard

Mike is a retired Air Force veteran of 21 years. After leaving the Air Force, Mike dreamed of owning his own business. After learning about Dog Guard and the amazing opportunity it offered, he couldn’t resist the chance to jump on such a great business.

Mike and his family have three dogs of their own, two of which are rescues. It’s heartbreaking to see all the animals running loose with no one to go home to. If Mike and his family could take them all in they would. Dog Guard has offered Mike the next best opportunity… to help people with a great option for containing their four-legged, furry family members and keeping them home where they belong.

Alamo City Dog Guard is truly family owned and operated. Mike’s wife, Michelle, assists with much of the administrative work with the business, as do her two teenagers, Skylar and Holden. The goal is for Michelle and Mike to work the business fully together, with Holden and Skylar eventually taking over the business. Together, they are on a journey of creating a business built on hard work, family values and 100% customer satisfaction.

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